Established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the American Massage and Kinesiology Center was originally created to educate the public and medical community on the advancements and benefits of massage and kinesiology therapies. In the early 1980's a clinical office was added to implement them.
     Throughout the years our immediate goals were dictated by an emerging quest for a more natural approach in both convalescence and health maintenance.
     We have always stood on the forefront of platforming valuable methods and techniques of the two disciplines.  Included among them were such varied things as incorporating neuromuscular and trigger point techniques into treatment protocols; insurance reimbursement for acute and chronic conditions; the development of seated massage and its entry into the corporate world; the application of light and mineral heat (photo medicine/therapy); the use of sound waves as a vehicle to enhance massage.

     Today is more exciting than ever.  With more tools at our disposition, results have become more pronounced.  Cutting edge technology has become the perfect mate to the ancient practice of massage.  It enhances pain management, aids in flexibility, influences range of motion and does wonders in programs focused to slim down bodies.
     The future holds even more promise.  With new research, new applications of kinesio-therapies and massage are forecasted in pre- and post-operative care, cancer management, gastrointestinal/digestive conditions, substance abuse and psychology, sports and athletic conditioning.  As the economy improves, it is expected that student and family participation in regularly scheduled visits with the emphasis on growth, stress reduction and optimalization of potential, will increasingly soar.

      As the disciplines of kinesiology and massage continue to evolve, we hope to be privileged enough to evolve with them.  We also hope that in the midst of any progress, no one will ever forget the primal caring touch and tranquility so deeply rooted in massage culture.
     For now we sincerely invite you to come in and experience the benefits of massage and kinesiology for yourself.  Whether it's as part of a regular health maintenance routine or ridding yourself of pain and suffering from a malady or a condition, or to help you achieve optimality through relaxation and stress relief or to obtain that body shape you're dreaming of.